Stop wasting time and money unloading your stock by hand by purchasing a Moffett truck mounted forklift

Then our Moffett range of truck mounted forklifts is the answer. Check out this video of how easy it is to take your forklift with you wherever you go. It doesn't get any more convenient than a Moffett.


How easy is this?! Move small loads effortlessly with this innovative little Pallet Jack

No staff? No worries! Run your own successful small business with one of our fully automatic pallet jacks from Innolift.


Ever wondered how they got those huge containers on the trucks we see on the N3 highway nowadays? Have a look at how easy it is with the new Combilift Straddle carrier!


The importance of having an Industry Specific Forklift

All successful companies have one thing in common - they are the best because they follow best practices. Having an industry specific forklift for your business is a vital part of this process. Automating your business with a forklift that is specifically designed for your industry means you will save time, money and resources.


 The New Moffett M4 nx - More than just top performance

Experience the enhanced performance of Europe's most trusted truck mounted forklift with the new-generation MOFFETT M4 nx. It is packed with Improvements - on the inside as well as the outside - to help you get a lot more out of it.


Combilift SC - more than just a container handler

Introducing the Combilift Straddle Carrier, a versatile and cost effective solution for moving bulky and out of gauge loads such as generators, pipes, steel plates, tanks of all types and just about any over-sized load.


First Moffett sold in South Africa, still going strong after 21 years

As a testimony of the quality and reliability of the Moffett truck mounted forklift range, the first Moffett forklift sold in South Africa has just been traded in for a brand new M8 model, after 21 years of unfailing service to Rouberto’s Building Supplies.


Amper Alles Mega Mica Silver Lakes

Shamrock Handling Concepts welcomes Amper Alles Mica Silverlakes to our Combilift family! Be sure to visit their Facebook page at for some of their amazing specials and products.

Unitrans purchase 15 more Moffett Forklifts

In the 1990s, Unitrans became one of the first companies in South Africa to use truck-mounted forklifts from Shamrock. Today 15 years later, they purchased 15 new Moffett M9 forklifts.

"Because Moffett is simply still the best on the market."


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