Agrimac TH-160 Offroad Forklift

Agrimac TH-160

Category: 4x4 Forklifts

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Forklift Overview and Information

The Agrimac is the benchmark in offroad forklifts. This is truly one of the top 4x4 forklift trucks on the market and is suitable for all rough terrains including farms, mines, industrial sites, building & construction sites and outdoor warehouses.

Perkins, 3 cylinders, water cooled.
Power: 23,5 KW.

Constant traction on four wheel drive with security clutch. Electrohydraulic disconnection on the rear traction.

Full hydrostatic with two speed engine and variable flow pump. Fwd-Rev and slow-fast change, controlled by electrical switch. Progressive automatic travel speeds from 0 to 9 Km/h, when slow; and from 0 to 21 Km/h, when fast. Slow approaching system by Inching pedal. Axles with epicicloidal reductions. Front axle with multidisc brakes in oil bath assembled before reducting.

Hydrostatic, with priority valve and steering cylinder with double rod, integrated on the directional axle.

Double service brake system: Hydrostatic on the four wheels through the transmission. Multidisc type running in oil acting hydraulically by pedal, on the front axle. Parking brake: On service brake, with independent mechanical actions.

Twin gear type with max. Flow of 30 lit/min. and pressure of 180 bar. Mast leveling by Joystick system.Controlled descent check valve and pitch compensating valve. Anti-falling valve. Submerged oil filter. Filling hole with level rod. Oil tank of 20 lit.


  • Alternator of 55 A Battery of 12V-75A
  • Lightening and signalization as current regulations. Rear speed acustic warning device and headlight turning.

Integral dashboard with r.p.m, temperature and fuel level indicators. Control pilot lamp for the remainning functions. Working hour counter, control for light changing, intermittents and horn. Buttons for warning and headlight turning.

Ergonomic platform assembled over mufflings.Total view. Lateral type levers. Dumping type seat adjustable depending on drivers weight with displacement control.

Folding cover with access to all elements of the engine, transmission and gear box to make easy the maintenance.


  • Duplex mast of 3,14 mts. raising.
  • Panel FEM II of 1.000 mm width
  • with lateral offset included.
  • Forks of 100x40x1000.


  • Duplex and triplex mast with raising until 6 mts. high.
  • Loading shovel of 400 lit.
  • 4th auxiliar hydraulic take off - Cabin.

Forklift Specs:

  • WHEELS: 2WD: Front: 10,5/75-15,3 (10 PR), Rear : 8,0/75-15,3 (6PR)
  • NET WEIGHT: 2.950 kg
  • LOAD CAPACITY: 1.600 kg
  • ENGINE POWER: 23.5kW

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