Combilift C-Series Narrow Aisle Forklift

Combilift C-Series

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Forklift Overview and Information

The industry’s first 4-way internal combustion forklift truck has employed innovative designs in engineering, control technology and ergonomics allowing for superior operator comfort, efficiency and maneuverability. Available in both LPG/Gas, Diesel and electric/ battery powered engines, the Combilift offers a range of lift models and capacities from 2,500kgs to 12,000kgs and lift heights to 7.5 meters.

Safety comes first!

Providing maximum stability, the Combilift has been designed to have a lower centre of gravity and retractable load when traveling. The ability to easily transition from side-wards mode to normal mode enables operators to safely maneuver long loads in narrow aisles and environments. The Combilift product range is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of CE machinery directive standard and ANSI / AMSE B56.1 requirements


The multi-direction IC Combilift’s are available in both Gas/LPG, Diesel and electric powered engines. The All-wheel Hydrostatic drive allows the Combilift to safely and effectively work in a variety of environments including semi-rough surfaces such as gravel and snow. The Combilift can be utilized both indoors and outdoors allowing for increased productivity.

Comfort/ Ergonomics

For driver safety and comfort there is a deep suspension seat inside the rubber mounted enclosed cabin. An adjustable steering column allows operators to position the wheel to their preference. An armrest allows the operator to comfortably access the controls with ease. Window demisters are fitted as standard allowing greater visibility on the new larger windscreen.

Ease of Service

The hydrostatic all-wheel Combilift is easily accessible from several areas and is highly maintenance friendly. The easy-lift hood provides access to the engine, cooler and other common components. A quick release door adjacent to the hydraulic tank gives access to filters, battery and motors. The quick release LPG tank mechanism allows easy access and fast change of the LPG tank.

C-Series Product Range

C2500 - C3000

The C2500 - C3000 Compact Combilift range is available in both LPG / Gas, Diesel and electric / battery powered engines. The models have a range of mast options with lift heights up to 6.3m and lift capacities up to 3000kgs. The compact Combilift can work in guided aisles as narrow as 190cm. The compact Combilift is used in a variety of applications such as furniture, door and window manufacturers, extrusion hanlders etc.

C4000 -C4500

The C4000 - C4500 Combilift range is also available in LPG / Gas, Diesel and electric / battery powered engines. The models have a range of mast options with lift heights up to 7.3m and lift capacities up to 4,500kgs. Combilift offer a range of cabin, mast, platform and attachment options on this model also. This range of Combilifts can work in aisles as narrow as 244cm. The C4000 model is the most popular Combilift that can be utilised in a broad range of applications.

C6000 - C12000

Combilift offer a range of LPG / Gas, Diesel and electric / battery powered engines with lift capacities from 6000kgs to 12,000kgs. The models have a number of mast options with lift heights up to 7.3m, platform lengths, cabin options and attachment options specific to the customer requirements. These heavy duty Combilifts can be found in numerous applications such as steel and metal fabrication, timber and engineered lumber, truss manufacturers etc.


We have a dealer network across Southern Africa and have appointed a National Spares Manager to ensure you receive the right spares for your forklift as soon as possible so that you can get on with your business. Should you require any forklift spares for your Combilift forklift, please visit our Forklift Spares page for more info.

Forklift Specs:

  • Lift Capacity: 2500kg - 14000kg
    Lift Height: up to 7.5m

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