First Moffett sold in South Africa, still going strong after 21 years
First Moffett sold in South Africa, still going strong after 21 years

As a testimony of the quality and reliability of the Moffett truck mounted forklift range, the first Moffett forklift sold in South Africa has just been traded in for a brand new M8 model, after 21 years of unfailing service to Rouberto’s Building Supplies.

This Moffett M2403N was purchased in January 1995, even before Shamrock Handling Concepts was officially launched in March 1995.  Pieter Joubert the third generation owner at Rouberto’s Building supplies, recalls how his grandfather purchased their first machine at an exhibition and then turning around and saying “make that 2 machines”.  Their fleet now boast 4 Moffett forklifts in daily use.

Pieter Joubert was surprised at the excellent resale value of his unit as he traded it in for 30% of the original purchase price.

Pieter enthused: “Having Moffetts on our trucks enables us to reduce staff count, up service levels, reduce turnaround times on loads and sets us ahead in the market in terms of being able to offer a value added service to our hugely diverse customer base in terms of being able to deliver product to locations on site otherwise unreachable.  The Moffett is the best all-rounder machine on can own with all the various available attachments, virtually does anything you throw at it.  We have gone as far as to make sure that every truck in our fleet is able to accommodate a Moffett in one way or another.”

Working hand in hand with Shamrock Handling Concepts over the years has insured that this machine remained in great condition and in day to day operation.  This unit has been a steadfast workhorse over the past two decades.

In closing Pieter said: “We would like to take the opportunity to thank Moffett and Shamrock Handling Concepts for the excellent service, support and unmatched quality that they deliver and we sincerely hope that quality wills never be substituted for anything else in the future.  Keep up the good work.”

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The quoted sections of this press release are taken from a signed letter by Pieter Joubert from Rouberto’s Building Supplies.

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