Combilift is a specialist forklift & straddle carrier manufacturer producing a wide range of customised handling solutions, all of which are designed for the safe, space saving and very productive handling of the long and bulky loads.

  • A multi-directional forklift.
  • Offers three machines in one:  Sideloader, Counterbalance Forklift and Narrow Aisle.
  • Designed to handle long and awkward loads.
  • Saves space by operating in aisles of 2.3 meters.  Offers safer product handling.
  • Operates indoors and outdoors.
  • Avialable for capacities from 2.5 - 14 tons.
  • Diesel / LPG / Electric

Shamrock can also assist you getting better value out of your warehouse layout by providing you with some space saving solutions.

Why our customers buy Combilift

Operation creates more space in the warehouse.

  • Movement of long loads becomes highly efficient.
  • Product damage i.e. ceiling boards eliminated.
  • Efficient offloading of suppliers deliveries.
  • Safer handling.
  • Eliminating at least 1 forklift.

The industry’s first 4-way internal combustion forklift truck has employed innovative designs in engineering,...


The Compact Combilift C3000 forklift is available in both LPG / Gas, Diesel and electric / battery powered...


The Combilift CB is probably our most versatile forklift ever.  It is a compact multi-directional forklift...


The 4- Way SL Internal Combustion Gas/ LPG powered truck offers a range of lift options up to 7.4m and capacities...


The Combilift Walkie Reach Forklift is the only pedestrian reach stacker which can work in an aisle-width...

Aisle Master

The Aisle-Master Narrow Aisle Forklift can operate in aisles as narrow as 1.6m which increases and maximizes...


The Combilift C4000 is designed for the safe, space saving and productive handling of long and awkward...


The Combilift Walkie Reach 4 Way Multidirectional Forklift (WR4) is the only pedestrian reach stacker...

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