• Truck-mounted forklift
  • Transported on the rear of trucks or trailers
  • No loss of valuable space
  • Mount or dismount in under 60 seconds
  • Models capable of lifting 1.5 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes
  • Larger models operate in rough terrain
  • Kubota diesel engines
  • One wheel or three wheel hydrostatic drive, for "go anywhere" agility
  • Built to last with robust design and high quality polyester powder coating
  • Excellent ergonomics, styling and safety features
  • Easy maintenance

For more than forty years, Moffett has been manufacturing truck mounted forklifts, a load handling solution that has helped transform the way materials are distributed across the globe. The company has a reputation for creating solutions to logistics challenges across a diverse range of industries, ensuring that deliveries arrive on time, in perfect condition and at the most economic price.

The Moffett takes delivery systems into new territory, breaking new ground in efficiency, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and control. It helps to reduce your operating costs and obtain optimum utilisation of your transport fleet and drivers. Most importantly of all, it gives you a vital competitive edge in your customer services.

It is a valuable business asset which makes a real contribution to your business by making extra deliveries. This translates into increased profit and as a result payback can be reduced to months rather than years.

Machines for applications

The design of the Moffett is application driven and its use is only limited by our imagination. It is already proving to be an asset in industries as diverse as building supplies, bricks, timber, roofing, agricultural, animal feed, food, turf and landscaping materials, pipes, utilities, gas, beverage and the emergency services.

Why our customers purchase the Moffett


  • Elimination of waiting time for the customers forklift
  • You control the entire delivery process, offloading and delivering the products directly to where they are needed. Turn around time improves greatly, in many cases by up to 50%
  • Improvement in number of runs per day.
  • Generally one run a day improves to three runs within a 120km radius and has the effect of eliminating over time
  • Reduction of current vehicle fleet.
  • The increase in deliveries from the Moffett unit will reduce your current vehicle fleet and enhance the payback period
  • Improve customer service.
  • The unrivalled manoeuvrability of the Moffett enables access to sites that would be no go areas for trucks and traditional off loading equipment. Goods can be placed where the customer requires
  • Reduction in damages and breakages.
  • The Moffett greatly reduces the risk of product damage by minimising the need for repeated handling.
  • Passages, forecourts and fields - No Problem.
  • The light compact static mast machines are ideal for operation on paved surfaces and in restricted areas. Moving mast machines offer greater load handling capabilities and ease of operation on difficult rough terrain. Four way models ensure that narrow entrances and passageways are no problem


Choose the right machine for your collection and/or delivery operation and see it transform your business

  • No more waiting for the customer’s or supplier’s forklift
  • Flexibility and control of delivery schedules
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased profitability
  • Shorter pay back time on total transport investment
  • Creating time to make more deliveries
  • Increased revenue
  • Precise load positioning
  • Less product damage
  • Safe and easy to use
  • A proven competitive advantage
  • Rough terrain models to deliver where you want
  • High residual values

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