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Forklift Overview and Information

The M9 is the specialist for all applications with low operating height as is found in the Poultry Industry. Compact and strong it handles the most challenging operating conditions and long working hours. With a lift capacity of up to 2700 kg, the M9 is built for the toughest jobs and allows you to access the most confined areas when transferring live poultry quickly and safely. The Hiab Moffett M9 is both powerful and agile, yet compact enough to be carried on almost any truck or trailer and is available with a range of options and attachments to match specific application requirements.

Leading Forklift Technology

Standard Features

The M9 is the dedicated model for the poultry industry and all applications with restricted headroom. With a lift capacity of 2700 kg it provides maximum operating safety and efficiency on paved surfaces and firm offroad conditions, while all-wheel drive guarantees excellent manoeverability when operating inside the poultry house.

The extensive standard features of the Hiab Moffett M9 include:

  • Flashing beacon and work lights
  • Reverse bleeper, road lights and interlocking seat belt
  • ROPS/FOPS Driver Compartment (Rollover/Falling Object Protective Structure)
  • Stabilisers for added stability when loading / unloading modules in front of the wheels
  • Easy-Drive Control to prevent stalling of the Diesel engine
  • Direct drive engine and hydraulic oil pump for high performance
  • Differential Lock for better grip when operating on rough terrain
  • Hydraulic Oil cooler for optimum transmission performance in extended duty cycles
  • All-wheel drive for good manoevrability

Forklift Options

Whatever the specific requirements of your application, the Hiab Moffett M9 is available with an extensive range of options.

  • Different lifting heights
  • Different tyre options
  • Choice of Forks
  • Load Backrest

Forklift Attachments

We provide solutions to some of the most unique load handling requirements with a variety of attachments available to enhance the M9. Designed to handle an assortment of products, our Attachment Line offers efficiency and flexibility.

Forklift Specs:

  • Lift Capacity: 2700 @ 600 mm Load Centre
  • Lift Height: 3150 mm
  • Engine Power: Kubota Diesel 37.3 KW (50 HP)
  • Ground Clearance: 145 mm
  • Unladen Weight: 3100 kg

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The Moffett M9 Forklift in action