Innolift Automated Pallet Jack

Innolift Automated Pallet Jack

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Product Overview and Information

The Innolift pallet jack is the only lift loader that actually lifts itself into the delivery vehicle along with the product it’s loading. Innolift eliminates the need for tail lifts and ramps or loading docks and for carrying separate jacks.

Available in 4 different models including manual and electric, the Innolift is designed for use with open bottom pallets.

The Innolift electric models are powered by a 12 volt, .8KW motor with an in vehicle charger cable.  Innolift charges  in the vehicle while you drive.


  A 600 / 950 A 600 / 750 V 600 / 650 V 300 / 650
Power Battery Battery Battery Manual
Capacity 600kg 600kg 600kg 300kg
Load Center 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm
Lifting Height 1010mm 810mm 710mm 700mm
Loading Height 850mm 650mm 550mm 550mm
Own Weight 184kg 168kg 162kg 89kg
Overall lowered height 1400mm 1200mm 1100mm 1100mm
Overall extended height 2140mm 1940mm 1840mm 1100mm
Wheel material Polyurthan Polyurthan Polyurthan Polyurthan
Wheel dimensions front 75 x 60mm 75 x 60mm 75 x 60mm 75 x 32mm
Wheel dimensions rear 100 x 40mm 100 x 40mm 100 x 40mm 100 x 40mm
Total length 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1480mm
Length without forks 350mm 350mm 350mm 330mm
Chassis width 760mm 760mm 760mm 700mm
Wheel base 980mm 980mm 980mm 850mm
Fork dimensions 165 x 60mm 165 x 60mm 165 x 60mm 150 x 50mm
Fork length 1190mm 1190mm 1190mm 1150mm
Fork width 540mm 540mm 540mm 500mm
Ground clearance 0 - 30mm 0 - 30mm 0 - 30mm 0 - 30mm
Working aisle 1790mm 1790mm 1790mm 1750mm
Turning radius 1090mm 1090mm 1090mm 980mm
Parking brake Mechanical Mechanicalxxx Mechanicalxxx Mechanical
Lifting motor 0,8kW 0,8kW 0,8kW kW
Battery capacity 12 / 44V / Ah 12 / 44V / Ah 12 / 44V / Ah V / Ah


We have a dealer network across Southern Africa and have appointed a National Spares Manager to ensure you receive the right spares for your pallet jack as soon as possible so that you can get on with your business. Should you require any spares for your Innolift pallet jack, please visit our Forklift Spares page for more info.

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