Safer Long Load Handling With Combilift Working Indoor & Outdoor

Safer Long Load Handling With Combilift Working Indoor & Outdoor

Safer Long Load Handling With Combilift Working Indoor & Outdoor

Handling long loads can be a headache – and a potentially dangerous one

Manoeuvring long packs of steel, timber or aluminium for example in busy manufacturing facilities, through access doors and around obstacles can pose all sorts of risks. Trying to solve this by using a couple of counterbalance forklifts at either end of a load is a definite no-no from a health and safety point of view and travelling with elevated loads to avoid obstacles in the yard or warehouse is deemed to be hazardous practice too.

Photo: Combilift – C-Series – Multi-Directional – Manufacturing – Indoor Outdoor

So instead of relying on trucks with limited manoeuvrability, specialist solutions in the form of Combilift’s multidirectional models are the solution. Designed specifically for the challenges of long and bulky loads, they combine the advantages of a counterbalance forklift, side loader and narrow aisle truck in one machine to ensure safe as well as space-saving and efficient handling.

The very low centre of gravity and the integrated platform provides a stable, low-level base for resting loads on during transportation and with the cab mounted to the side of the mast, the operator has a clear view of the load. 4-way ability enables quick change of the wheel direction to enable sideways travel in confined spaces or through doorways.

Thousands of companies have ditched their conventional counterbalance fleets and replaced these with multidirectional C-Series trucks, and Combi-CB compact 4-way counterbalance design models. Whatever you need to lift and move, you can reduce the risks with a Combilift truck – designed first and foremost with safety in mind.

See the Combi-C-Series and Combi-CB in operation

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