Moffett M9



The M9 is the specialist for all applications with low operating height as is found in the Poultry Industry. Compact and strong it handles the most challenging operating conditions and long working hours. With a lift capacity of up to 2700 kg, the M9 is built for the toughest jobs and allows you to access the most confined areas when transferring live poultry quickly and safely. The Hiab Moffett M9 is both powerful and agile, yet compact enough to be carried on almost any truck or trailer and is available with a range of options and attachments to match specific application requirements.


  • Building products
  • Poultry

Lift Capacity (kg): 2700
Lift Height (mm): 3150
Engine Power (kw): 37.3
Ground Clearance(mm): 145
Unladen Weight (kg): 3100


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